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Is multiculturalism an asset or a problem in America?

I don't care what some stupid comic book writer wrote
Superman would never renounce citizenship to the republic

Salve Citizens,

Captain capitalism referenced three articles that bear thinking about.  Now many individuals would quickly dismiss the writings as those from rightwing extremists or racist, but that would be easy and intellectually lazy.  The fact is that there are negatives and positives to every action you take, and numerous unintended consequences can result, ignore obvious cultural, religious, and ethnic differences and you risk the worst effects of balkanization, Yugoslavia is a great example as it underwent drastic political changes over the course of ten years.  Tens of thousands of people were killed, an entire region destabilized, and it wasn’t until action was taken by a world power, the United States, that any sort of normalcy returned. Now how does this relate to the rest of Europe or the United States?
Europe’s is a relatively easy one to go over.  Europe has low birth rate, so low in fact that they are below the replacement rate of around 2.1 births.  This means that Europe’s’ population will contract over time, which negatively effects economic growth and is even a bigger crisis considering their massive social safety nets.  The only way Europe can maintain their welfare system and economic growth, outside of technological advances and market reforms, is immigration.  Immigrants now account for a growing portion of their populations.  Now this isn’t a problem in and of itself.  Immigrants are often driven and they tend to lower wages in the fields they enter into because they are willing to work for less; many progressives and border conservatives would tell you this is a bad thing however they are ignoring the corresponding effect of increasing affordability of services. The problem for Europe, as far as many Europeans are concerned, is that many of these immigrants are Muslim.  Youtube and blogs are now showing many alarming instances of violence, intimidation, and aggression between Muslim Europeans and immigrants and the secular or Christian Europeans.  This isn’t all that surprising.  We forget that Europeans and many Levant and North Africans have had a bloody history filled with strife.  The Spanish and Moors fought bloody battles over the Hispanic peninsula for hundreds of years, and the Ottomans clashed with the Slavs and Hungarians, which laid the seeds for future strike in the late 20th century.
Now you might say that foreign immigrant’s only account for a small percentage of the people’s population, and that is true, but that may not always be the case.  The division between ethnic lines is much greater in Europe than it is in the United States simply because there are thousands of years of history that help foster those divisions.  Many Muslims have not forgotten their people’s domination by European powers during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and while a majority wishes nothing more than to live their lives in peace, it only takes a very active small minority to create unrest.  Moreover, despite the spiritual malaise Europeans have been suffering under for the last half century; do not think for second old European sentiments will reemerge.  A growing number of individuals are assuming that Europeans will meekly fade into twilight as Europe because part of Pan-Islamica, I do not see this happening, though I will not discount it entirely.  We have to remember what Europe fundamentally is and was.
 Today it is a wealthy aging culture and subset of a civilization, but we forget that for much of our history, outside of the dominance of the Romans and Greeks, Europe had been a barbaric backwater.  Europe, due to geography, is home to more nations than any other continent.  This helped create the conditions that ultimately would lead to their domination as competition forces adaption, and adaption eventually resulted into the enlightenment, the realization of the free market, and the adoption of republicanism.   One side effect of this competition is that Europe has had a very bloody history, perhaps the bloodiest out of any region in the world.  For nigh on two thousand years some part of Europe was at war with one another, and Europe was the birth ground of the two bloodiest wars in human history.  Taking this into context I actually fear a bit for the moderate European Muslim. For as more and more Europeans feel that they are losing their home and culture you will see more and more acts of violence.  It would be a terrible site to see France or Germany go the way of the Balkans, and while I don’t think balkanization is likely in the near future, you can never discount which way things will go.  There will be a lot of things the Europeans will need to do, proper assimilation of immigrants being of utmost importance, to ensure that neither a European cultural disappearance nor ethno-religious feuding ensues. Now what about the United States?
  Immigration has been a major concern for our nation for, well since forever really, but it feels as if it is of prime importance now.  The US has always feared losing its culture to immigrants be it Benjamin Franklins feelings that Germans could never assimilate, to the Anti-Irish sentiments of the 19th century.  Today Hispanic immigration is a major concern, and I feel that the two stances you most often see on the internet, that it is either a cultural travesty waiting to happen, or that the fears of Hispanic immigrants are vastly overstated, or both wrong, or not entirely right. Immigration is a net plus for the United States, and in the near future you will probably see active competition between nations for immigrants due to global population growth slowing.  The US is much more fortunate than Europe, is that unlike Europe, the US was built on immigration so our cultural and political systems are better suited to handle the negative effects it has on a population.  Moreover, and this is very important, the US has done being nationalism.  I can see many members of the left decrying this as terrible and that my statement brings up the ghost of fascism, but they need to understand what I mean by nationalism when I say it.  I do not mean it in the sense that the one nation is better than others and is meant to dominate, though there is a national centric self-assuredness that we hold, but that we actively seek out what it means to be an American and try to instill it in our citizens.  Now this isn’t to say that we haven’t lost ground or that internationalists haven’t made some ground in trying to decrease American patriotism, they have, but they have not been nearly as successful as they have been in Europe.  There is no spiritual malaise in the United States, and in many parts of the country, be it the manosphere or with Ron Pauls campaign we are seeing it fight back.
                Even though the US is far better suited to handle immigration and the resultant cultural strife, we cannot discount the fears of others, for they are not entirely wrong.  As George Freidman writes in the Next Hundred Years there will be continued discord in the Border States, and unless the US figures out how to deal with a growing Hispanic population, there is risk strife and fighting along our southern border.  These fears are displayed when Arizona, tired of our central governments inaction, decide to take matters into their own hands.  There is growing violence along the border due to the pseudo war being fought amongst the Cartels and the Mexican government and it is adversely affecting our border states.  Despite the claims of many the violence will not go away anytime soon because it isn’t really due to the Drug War, though it is a popular concept held in many internet forums, it is due to corruption.  Corruption is pervasive in Mexico, and where corruption exists so does civil strife. And this is the greatest threat that faces America, not the fact that Hispanics are immigrating into this nation.
      You see citizens, while there are cultural differences between the Europeans and the Muslims immigrating into their nations is vast, it is much smaller between the average American and the Hispanic immigrants. Both come from Christian traditions and have cultures influenced by European nations that were in turned influenced by ancient Rome.   The problem for those south of the Rio Grande is that their colonial masters, Imperial Spain, did a rather poor job of instilling the best fundamental tenants of individual freedom and responsibility whereas the US and Canada lucked out with Great Britain being our benefactors.  Where Spain exploited its colonies, the British did so to a much lesser degree and largely allowed the colonies dictate their own affairs.  This is the crux of the matter.  The Hispanic immigrants are scions of western civilization like we are, and the differences between our cultures, while not trivial, can be broached.  What it is imperative that we do as a nation is to dump this multiculturalism stick.  We are not a nation of many cultures, or rather we are, but not of equal cultures. We are a nation of one culture with many subcultures.  There is an overarching culture of this nation and it is time we acknowledge this and actively teach it in schools.  When our forefathers spoke of the melting pot they had it right.  American culture, and it has done this throughout its history, has absorb the best of new foreign cultures while discarding the chaff.  Corruption is that chaff that we must fear, not the Hispanics themselves.
                So what is it citizens that we can do to ensure that we are able to assimilate new immigrants into our country and maximize the benefits of illegal immigration while minimizing the side effects?  And it is simple really, no fancy programs, no speeches, it simply takes one thing and one thing only; that we stop listening to progressivism and employing progressive policies. At its heart, despite the well intentions of many a progressive, it is a soul killing and self-loathing ideology simply because it means you will be dependent on someone else.  Those on the government dole, or who are hiding in ‘sanctuary’ cities do not look at their bureaucratic betters as saviors, they resent them.  They resent the fact that for every single ‘good deed’ that they do there are dozens more that hurt.  They resent the patronization that is part and parcel of programs like affirmative action.  They resent the crumbs that are tossed their way as if they (the bureaucratic betters) were doing them a favor.  If you simply allowed them to work, and in conjunction expected them to assimilate, then they will do so.  American culture, pre-sexual revolution anyways, is superior and lets not be ashamed of it.  Americanism, it is a concept that changed a concept and can be best summarized by super man himself, old school superman not that terrible movie Superman Returns.

“Truth, Justice, and the American way (kicking ass)”

But Cogitans that sentiment is full of jingoism.  Too which I respond, I don’t care.

Humbly yours citizens.

Cogitans Iuvenis

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