Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Salve citizens!

The Roman Salutatory greeting and salute
 before the Nazis' fuck it up for everyone.

Salutations citizens, or salve as our honorable ancestors used to say.

   Dark tempests threaten us as individuals, as people, as a nation, even as a global community.  500 years of advancement since the rediscovery of the ideas of the venerable Romans and Greeks is being threatened.  These ideas, since the time of the renaissance, transformed a backwater continent into a global powerhouse; and more importantly, lead an island nation to found the a small colony that took those ideas, and free from the old shackles of nobility became the greatest country that the world has seen since the fall of that ancient republic.  In the short 200 years or so since the founding of this nation the world has seen a dramatic increase in the our standards of living, which had remained largely unchanged from the ancient era, and liberties.  However that last couple of decades, and one could argue the seeds were lain in the beginnings of the last century, we have seen the erosion of that which made us great, Americanism.
 A lot of individuals have seen this, with stagnant wages, increasing debt, and general sense of unease people have been crying from the mountain tops that the America is a super power in decline and will no longer be a super power in the near future, it will be.  That China will be the future, it won't.  That Capitalism has failed, it hasn't.  That we didn't do enough with the stimulus, it was a complete waste. And that middle class is threatened, it is.  And that our liberties are in jeopardy, they are.  Rest assured just because America will still be a super power, that doesn't mean you will be any better off.  I could spend hours talking about this but sadly this is simply an intro, a beginnings if you will, in the journey I have taken along the path of truth.

   I was like many members of Generation Y.  I went to simply believed what I was told without really thinking about it too hard.  I got a degree in Finance and Humanities, believing the malarkey that a glorified degree in propaganda consumption did not meant anything and had no value what so ever.  I came into the workforce sadly bereft of the skills that I really needed, in the worst job market ever, demoralized, and slowly realizing that much of what I was taught was not necessarily true.  I spent the two years I was unemployed or underemployed reading up on new ideas and concepts that I had never paid attention too; I actually read Wealth of Nations.  It was arguably this period of my life, not high school, and certainly not college that formed who I was and really made me into the person I am and will probably be for the rest of my life. I will write about geopolitics, economics from a true free market perspective, I'll write about the general course of American society, and pretty much anything else that I fancy.

Your fellow citizen,

Cogitans Iuvenis

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