Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Only progressives could come up with a name like this.

This is the perfect illustration of socialism as an ideology
and a socialist.
"This just in

A group of red sympathizers descend on the fair metropolis of Seattle.  Their stated aim to protest the very foundations of our capitalistic and free society. Police are on the scene to ensure order, for fortunately most of these protesters are parlor pinks and not a true menace to our society.  However, beneath the tense but peaceful affair lurks Lieutenant Gonzo of the Clandestine Insurgent  Rebel Clown Army descend on the scene in a ironic sense of self mockery and inanity whip the crowd into a frenzy. Violence ensues. Destruction. Properties damaged. Businesses shut down. A dark day for the free world.  But whats this!  It's Phoenix Jones, Seattle's cap crusader and defender of the free market. He descend upon the Lieutenant Gonzo to do.  And after a thunderous thunderous battle evil is vanquished, for the time being."

Well ladies and gentlemen, as tongue and check as my little blurb is, it sadly isn't too far from the truth when it comes to the essence of what it conveys.  Lieutenant Gonzo is the perfect embodiment of what we are facing.  Yes we have the uber-conservative assholes, who really aren't conservative but just religious/morality socialists*, but they are largely marginalized out side of the small sections of America that they control.  While I would daresay that most conservatives, in my opinion, really don't qualify as true conservatives, too much support for government programs and willingness to busybody people.  The fact is that most of them, ('conservatives') would be almost as content to be able to lead their lives in peace.  They simply are not a threat to American society, and in fact they are largely productive members of it.  The same cannot be said of the left.

Say what you will about the 'conservatives', but I cannot think of a single time that they protested that violence ensued, hell they don't even leave garbage lying about.  Here is an image somewhere around the net that illustrates the difference perfectly. And I am not a blanket tea party supporter, in fact I would say I am very disappointed how off point it became once the moral majorities got in and started rambling about Obama and how he somehow isn't a US citizen.  Note to all those who call themselves conservatives, it is a done deal. Obama is a US citizen and why make up ghost stories to chase when you simply could attack his record?  But back to the article at hand.  The lefts often violent, at the very least destructive, protests are indicative to what socialism is doing to this country. Even in our 'hard right' party we are seeing some socialist behaviors.  Bush bailing out wall street? Conservatives defending the patriot act?  Aggressive posturing overseas towards third rate countries like Libya or Iran?  For the last item I want to stress that I am no peacenik or hippie.  I suscribe to realpolitik, and I am perfectly content with the use of military force if it serves our ends and actually benefits us.  But that fact is much of what we do now overseas doesn't and in fact works against us. Ever heard of Boko Haram? They are an islamic isurgency in Nigeria that since is now recieving arms and perhapes aid from the more islamic of the rebel groups in Libya. Yes we overthrew a dictator, but we unintentionally aided a violent insurgency in another nation, and to make matters worse Libya is becoming like Somalia. It wasn't too long ago that conservatives were the voice against loose money, government intervention in economies, and against nation building or military adventurism. Socialism has infected American conservatism and too few realize this. As for the left, these protests are just one giant temper tantrum because they cannot study their Worthless degrees (captain capitalism plug), and then make a six figures working for some non-profit studying gentrification in third world countries.

People might wonder why we use these idiots, and they are idiots, as examples of socialism.  And the thing is, they are the best physical representation of what it does.  Remember how I said it infantilzies us?  Look at France, throwing an absolute You would be right to point out that the majority of people who have socialist leanings do not behave this way.  I live in a very liberal city and I can tell you most of the residents are regarding these protesters as either a humorous, if pathetic, side distraction; or are just rolling their eyes as they go about their work day.  But the thing about societies is that it doesn't take a large number of people to mess things up.  You think most of the of think Russia or Germany were Bolsheviks or national socialists? No, very few were. But it only takes a very vocal and determined few to make drastic changes.  First they co-opt those somewhat sympathetic to their cause, and then they force their way of life upon the rest, with violence if need be.  Make no mistakes citizens, we are in a death struggle with these individuals. As a conservative leaning libertarian I am willing to break bread with social 'conservatives' and even 'moderate; liberals, reasonable people can have different ideologies.  But I cannot break bread with socialism, the very ideology is to America what kryptonite is to superman.

*I will explain what I mean by that at a later date. But like I said in the post, there are far too many 'conservatives' that are simply socialists, or socialist light, that like guns, jesus, and say nicer things about America.

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  1. Long live Salish Circa! Fuck the haters!


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