Tuesday, June 5, 2012

News: Blowback

Remember when Mr. Paul was talking about unintended consequences of our foreign policy?  Well one of those consequences may be that Libya, a nation where tribal loyalties and sentiments have always been stronger than national identity, may be dealing with the results of that right now.  Libya has seen an increase in fractioning and Tripoli appears to be becoming dividing into territories by rival militia groups.  Whether or not this has a negative effect on the Mediterranean nations remains to be seen. But it certainly seems to have had negative repercussions for Mali.

It is certainly something I wish our politicians kept in mind when they saber rattled, or even when they simply talked about foreign policy.  I'm not against foreign action if the net benefit is in excess of whatever negative blow back we may accrue.  Unfortunately the individuals often crafting our foreign policy ignore blow back, a concept that our own CIA came up with.  It is certainly something that voters need to be cognisant of in the future.

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