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The Butcher of Cabal

The irony is that Che
would hate the very people who
idolize him today
  There is nothing more telling about the state of western culture today than the inexplicable cult of Che.  While it is understandable that the Cubans would regard Che as a hero since they have to live with a leader, whose 'revolution', failed to improve their circumstances in any way from the previous Batista regime. A common phrase in America is that people desperate for water will drink sand; well, people desperate for a hero will follow a brigand.  But the idolatry of Che Guevara by young Americans and Europeans is perplexing.  Why would they choose to idolize someone who would have no qualms about murdering them.  Che would despise these young' borguise' but that fact is often lost on these young individuals

  What prompted this was that I was sitting in a restaurant this weekend, after once again going to the local art museum and having to suffer 'modern' art, and some of the group talked about being a revolutionary like Che. I wouldn't describe this group as members of the occupy movement, they are all employed in the private sector (not HR). But the wist full conversation that some of these individuals had about being a revolutionary like Che grated my nerves.  Now to be fair, everyone was pretty drunk, but it confused, and angered me none the less. I had to leave the table for a bit as I was legitimately frustrated and angry. I'm not surprised when leftists talk about Che like he was a hero, but when otherwise intelligent and responsible young individuals do, it angers me.

  Why? I asked myself, do people in America idolize this thug and murder?  And the thing that quickly became apparent, is that they knew nothing about him.  You see, all that most young Americans and Europeans know about Che is what they saw in that movie about him, which grossly distorts how this man actually was in real life.  They imagine a young man, so frustrated with the injustice he sees, that takes action. They admire the purity of his passion. The idea of fighting against corrupt powers.  You see, it isn't really Che that these young individuals love, it's the idea.  And they see themselves in this character they saw on this screen. They save his quotes against capitalism without understanding what capitalism is, or even the man behind it. Because if they took any time whatsoever to actually research the man, unless they were a hard core leftist, they would recoil at this simple truth. The only thing that separates Che from Hitler was the body count that they left behind.

  In fact, even when I was forced to take a history class about Cuba, which was little more than a Castro apologist class, even my professor said that Che was nothing more than a murderer. Che did not care about the common man, or justice. Here is an actual quote from Che Guevara when it came to justice for those accused of crimes against the state:
 "To send men to the firing squad, judicial proof is unnecessary. These procedures are an archaic bourgeois detail. This is a revolution! And a revolutionary must become a cold killing machine motivated by pure hate"
   A real revolutionary for the people right there. A man who had no qualms whatsoever about killing men regardless of the persons innocence or guilt. Justice and due process is nothing more than archaic bourgeois details? Isn't a major criticism we level at the regimes that run the nations like China or Egypt?  Che was responsible for camps that would later imprison homosexuals and those with AIDs.  This is how you really know that leftists, and even ordinary youths, have no real understanding of the man.  Homosexuals are supposed to be near and dear to them (progressives), and I often hear derision heaped upon South Carolina for its decision to ban gay marriage by those same progressives.  Now to be clear, I have no dog in that fight whatsoever, if gays want to marry then fine by me. But I find it irritating that these individuals that hate a state for its state sanctioned homophobia talk about Che with pure adoration.  There is a reason the man is known as the Butcher of La Cabana, he had no qualms executing 14 year old children.

Even his own men admitted that Che was blood thirsty

  The man also indirectly caused the deaths and suffering of many more Cubans during his tenure as the Minister of Economy. Ramming Soviet economic teaching, which even Keynesian economists will say is inherently flawed and untenable economics, down the nations throat that ruined it economically.  The nation was forced to rely on aid from the Soviet Union to survive.  But then Che didn't give two shits about the people of Cuba.
"this country is willing to risk everything in an atomic war of unimaginable destructiveness to defend a principle"
 He was willing to risk nuclear war, which would have without a doubt killed every Cuban on the island, all for the sake of his 'principals'.  Didn't the Captain do a little post about crusaders?  Sure sounds like one to me. But don't take my word for it. The fact is that Castro, a dictator no less, saw how dangerous, and crazed this man was and forced him out of the county.  That should speak volumes about the mans' character.  When a man is held as too blood thirsty and dangerous by dictators then he really must by that dangerous. But still there are some leftists who will argue that Castro feared Ches purity as a revolutionary and true desire to help the downtrodden.  They cannot help but worship their idol, their dark messiah.

It's not uncommon for people to worship men or revolutionaries. We in America worship our own revolutionaries.  Men like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin. So let us compare these men to Che, and to be fair to our leftists friends, let us cast a harsh light on them.  Because, to be perfectly honest, these men were not perfect.  George Washington was a man wholly concerned about his place in history, willing to fight battles that were probably unwinnable, and a rather firm and unforgiving in business.  Thomas Jefferson preached ideas that he never fully lived up too. He owned slaves and abandon his limited government principals to finance a military expedition in Tripoli and used government funds to purchase territory owned by other nations.  And Benjamin Franklin was a womanizer in his day and something of a credit hog.

These men were certainly not perfect, however, but even with these examples, when you look at their lives and the impact they made, you see fundamentally decent men. Benjamin Franklin later lamented his lecherous ways and the ruin it foisted upon the women he bedded at the time. Thomas Jefferson may have owned slaves, but all supplemental information shows that he treated them well.  And George Washington, being keenly aware of histories judgement, turned over the reigns of power voluntarily to congress at the end of the revolution.  History has shown that most revolutionaries, such as Che, Stalin, Mao etc, are unable to do the same. 

Is there, after the American revolution, records showing the founding fathers rounding up dissidents into concentration camps?  Did John Adams order the confiscation of property from his political opponents? Did John Hancock talk about how justice was a petty bourgeoisie detail?  The answer is no. If there were any hints of such actions then they would have been aired in our 'higher' education intuitions long ago.  The fact that these institutions remain silent speaks volumes. The fact is that the American mythos about the founding fathers has truth in it, alot of truth. They were great men even by today's standards.  The same cannot be said about Che the murderer, Che the incompetent, Che the vain, Che the bastard, Che the coward who begged for his life though he had no compunction about murdering others.

When captured by the Bolivians he was heard saying.
"Don't kill me I am Che! I am more valuable alive than dead!"
So behalf on everyone you murdered Che. Fuck you. And if there is a God I hope you rot in whatever hell you deserve.

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