Wednesday, June 27, 2012

In a nutshell..

The European Union can best be illustrated in one simple way, when its aims cannot be achieved through democratic ends, then bureaucratic ones will suffice.  I say this because the very document that gives the European Union legitimacy. as a pseudo-supranational entity. was defeated during the ratification process by a few nations. After the defeat of the constitution, the bureaucratic elites of the EU simply usurped the democratic process by attaching the amendments of the constitution into Lisbon Treaty, the legal basis for the EU as it exists now.

The Lisbon Treaty was never put to a popular vote, instead it was voted on by each of the national parliaments of each respective nation. And ordinarily I wouldn't object to this.  The US constitution was signed an agreed to by each states duly elected representatives, however, this isn't a cross comparison.  The fact is that the EU and national elites, not liking the results of the Constitutional ratification process, where the constitution could not be ratified unless it passed through popular vote from each member state; decided to ignore the results, and their own rules, and pass it via a different means.  They changed the rules, like the dammed brat who always said he had a bullet proof magic cloak whenever he started losing laser tag.  That is what particularly incenses me.

Is it any surprise then, that an entity formed by politicos with such disdain for their own rules crafts wordy 2,500 word regulation on minutiae such as hazelnuts? Or that MEPs are ejected simply for speech that might make someone uncomfortable, despite the fact that the man targeted for that speech made the very same allusion (about 2:50 into the video) to a euro skeptic member of parliament.  The only difference between the two examples is theatrics, not content.  Daniel Hannan, a member of the European Parliament, often blogs about the double standards that pervades within the European Union. That used its might to essentially force Greece to remove its prime minister.

For the sake of a possibility of a United Europe, that they hoped would be a counterweight to United States on the global stage, the European elites were willing to sub verse their own established rules. And now are willing to force financial and economic ruin on its lesser members to avoid possible disintegration.

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