Thursday, June 7, 2012

News: Increasing Militancy in Benghazi

The issue of unintended consequences of foreign policy has come up before. Well STRATFOR reports that there is the possibility of Islamic militancy returning to Libya.  There have been two attacks in the foreign offices of Benghazi. This shows that the National Transnational Council, the interim government of Libya, is having difficulty maintaining order in a nation that is increasingly becoming fractionalized.
One problem is the Benghazi has long been a hotbed for Islamic militancy, something which Gadafi had kept a lid on during his tyrannical rule. Moreover, complicating an already difficult issue is that Libya is not a nation in the sense that the United States or France is a nation.  Deep rooted tribal loyaty and regional issues, which had been kept surpressed by Gadafi, are reemerging.  This is very bad news for the Libyan people, and the nations neighboring Libya.

Moreover, if things continue to deteriorate this will most assuredly pull the Western Powers into the fray.  Nations like France and Italy can not tolerate a Somali like nation in the Mediterranean. They will take action to try and stabilize the nation. And rest assured, this would drag the United States further into the conflict since NATO cannot operate without the United States at its head.

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