Friday, June 29, 2012

No cavalry for economic economy

Onward boys! The world economy
needs us!
The US economy, the engine that drives the world, continues to struggle.  The Europeans continue to deal with their debt crisis that affects other nations such as Japan, all the while markets respond irrationally, or perhaps grasping for whatever debris that will prevent them from sinking, to short sighted deals.  It seems that the West is finished, its time as the center of the world done leaving room for the new economies and powers of the world to take their spots.  Well not exactly.

China's economy continues to stagger as they run out of the ability to artificially stimulate their economy via subsidies to unprofitable export industries and money funneled towards infrastructure projects with negative return rates.  It also appears that Brazil and India, the other two rising stars of the world are also facing economic troubles.  It's a given that China will face an economic collapse of sorts, their property bubble dwarfed ours and the nations cities struggle to service their debts, but if the other two rising economic stars are struggling right now then what will happen when the next wave of the crisis hits?  The answer is simple.  There will be no cavalry to save the day.

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