Thursday, June 28, 2012

Unf$%ing Real

Just say the news today on the supreme court law.  I am literally speechless as I was confident that the insurance mandate would be struck down.  True our Republic was wounded and government was increasingly running roughshod over our rights but I had always believed that even the elites had some sort of attachment to the constitution, even if it was skewed.  Today my beliefs were shattered.  The supreme court has said, in essence, that the government has the right to force us to buy a product that we may not want.  This is literally unprecedented. I could rant on about this, but I have matters to attend too, and frankly I am to depressed at the moment to comment.  I am sure save capitalism and the captain will have a few words about todays ruling.

Addendum:  Now that I have cooled a bit I can write a bit more.  I won't go into the details of the ruling and what it means since Vox has done such a good job already, the depth and breadth of his blogging astounds me sometimes, but I will muse on it a bit.

The turn about of events is certainly depressing. Those of us schooled in liberty, and having an understanding of economics outside of the route keynesian that is instilled throughout highschool and college, understand how economically and politically disasterous this even will turn out to be.  In time, those who cheer will rue this day, though when that days comes they will not understand why or who to blame. Now this law could eventually be repealed, like how prohibition was repealed. It isn't outside the realm of possibility, but only time will tell.  Moreover this law won't single handedly lay America low.

More importantly however, it is a great blow to liberty.  Even though prohibition was later repealed it established a dangerous precident and in some ways lead to the eventual catastrophe that is the drug war. Though many scoff that it would be ludicrous, this precident could one day pave the way, however indirectly by congress, to mandates telling Americans what to buy or how much they can buy.  But then, if your reading this you probably already know this.

There are two things that can be drawn from this. One, it si absolutely foolish to vote republican in hopes to elect constitutionally conservative judges.  Progressivism is just as much a part and parcel of the GOP as it is the democrats, the rhetoric is only different.  Two, the idea of impartial court judges is laughable, and there really should be a push to limit justices terms on the bench.  There will be those that argue that opens it up to partisanship and away from judical impartiality. I would argue that those elements that do not exist so lets not contninue the farce.

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