Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The WAAAAMBULANCE over the results of the election.

My God some people's understanding of democracy is so narrow and selfish its unbelievable. Apparently democracy isn't really democracy unless leftism wins. Ignore when constitutional limitations are usurped to ram a health care law through on the American people, or every time a congress abrogates their responsibility to a federal agency. There plenty of examples under republican and democratic administrations that show democracy, or real republicanism, is dying in this nation. But no, to this man, when leftist causes are defeated in a democratic and open election; somehow that signals the end of democracy.  Rather than what it really means. Either they didn't do a good enough job spreading their message, or they did, and people just disagreed with it.

There is no better example of leftism, and how petulant, melodramatic, and self centered it is than this video.  I really do feel for those who are disappointed. Most of those union members and voters believe, albiet mistakenly, that what they are voting for will really help the state. But what you saw right there? That's called a temper tantrum. And by the way its $ 34 million to $ 20 million not $ 34 million to $ 4 million. Labor spent $ 15.5 alone against the Governor of Wisconsin.

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