Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Which President Makes it Rain the most?

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Not to long ago I did a post about how the surplus was a fabrication.  This post grew out of this when, while I was constructing the charts I wanted to make my point about the president who actually spent the most I realized that it was for too many charts for a single post.  I decided to segue into post about that previous post.  Well days later I finally have gotten the time to this post.

The question is an interesting one, though there really are only two runners.  Looking at this chart it is pretty obvious who has spent the most during their time as president.

According to this chart, showing the yearly deficit accrued by each president in each year of their presidency, Obama destroys the competition having only occupied the presidency for three years.  However, as I have stated in earlier, measuring deficits alone doesn't show the whole picture.  President Clinton appears to have run surpluses the last four years of his presidency.  But this chart shows the sometimes drastic difference between the two.

This chart compares the total deficit accrued under each presidency, by year they were responsible for the federal budget.  The first President Bush has numbers pretty close together, the deficits he ran each year are equally reflected in the debt added to nations balance sheet.  We see a rather large discrepancy under President Clinton, remember this is when our federal government was raiding our social security surplus and writing I.O.Us.  Republicans would claim it was corruption and dishonesty by a democratic president, yet they cannot escape culpability considering they controlled congress.  Remember fellow citizens, both parties have sold you out loan sharks, never ever forget that. 

 Interestingly enough we see that both Obama and Bush saw rather large increases in the federal debt, Bush would appear to be more 'hidden'.  This would appear to make the second President Bush the most spendthrift president cumulatively in the last 20 years.  This chart shows that President Bush ran the largest increase in our debt in 2007, before the crisis had officially been acknowledge by our government.

Now you will probably ask why President Obama and Bush share a year? The reason is that while Bush was responsible for the 2009 Budget, Obama also passed his economic stimulus plan outside of the federal budget.  This means that we must allocate the share of the debt for 2009.

As we can see from this chart, when we allocate the added deficit spending by Obama, that only 41% of the added debt in 2009 falls in his court. And though Obama probably won't beat Bush for the largest increase to the national debt, though the coming second wave in our global crisis might change that, but he has amassed 77% of the debt Bush did in only 3 years as president.  If things continue as they are then Obama will eventually surpass Bush as the president who has increased our national debt the most.

Depending on how you want to skew the research the president who makes it rain the most could either be Obama, for most likely to be the spending champ, or Bush, current reigning champ. But in the end it doesn't matter which man ultimately wins the crown, the end result is a poor one for us.  Debts like this cannot be continued, as the debt acts like an anchor on our economy.

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