Thursday, July 5, 2012

Protesting Money is the dumbest form of Protest

My girlfriend forwarded this to me today. Apparently while everyone was celebrating the Fourth of July a few 'activists', Captain Capitalism would call them 'Crusaders', decided to through a cool five thousand off a building and into the streets of Seattle.  There are plenty of worthless protests up in this neck of the woods called the Pacific Northwest but this by far has to take the cake for the not only being the dumbest protests ever, but the most ineffectual.

You see I would have had no idea that this event would have happened if my girlfriend, who is a news junky, had not found this and forwarded it too me.  Now I have to acknowledge that I pay very little attention to local news for the most part. I focus on geopolitics and national events. But you have to wonder how many individuals would have even noticed that this was happening.  They decided to throw this 'money-bomb' on periphrases the one day of the year, outside of Christmas day, that down town is largely empty.  Moreover the protesting of money in politics is just laughably foolish.

Money is a tool that measures the value of time or power, power being the ability to use ones time how they please.  A person with money can do, or not do, what ever they please.  And by and large most individuals with money have earned their money by providing a service to society, the greater the service, and the more need there is for that service, the more money you make.  The idea that money in politics some how silences us all is laughable. They think that somehow writing that slogan of theirs on money that their message will get out to the world.  It's a classic misconception that I see many leftists make.  Getting your message out there doesn't mean anything if no one cares.  How many of the individuals who picked up the fluttering money give a damn whats written on those dollar bills?  How likely is it that the person who goes dumpster diving for an extra hundred would even look to see whats written outside of the denomination.  The words 'In God We Trust' is written on every dollar that comes out of the mints, and outside of the militant atheists, no one cares and no one notices.

However, whats really galling, disgusting even, about this event is what a waste of money that was.  Those activists are no closer to accomplishing their ends, which is ludicrous because businesses, which is really nothing more than a collection of people, have every right to petition their representative to champion their interest.  People may not like it that Wal-Mart does it, but the fact is mom and pop shops do it as well. Never mind the various political organizations, such as Planned Parenthood or the Sierra Club, that are not 'people' but champion many causes that are near and dear to many progressives hearts. That's not the disgusting part, ignorance of what a corporation really is and what constitutes a corporation, charities, churches, civil rights groups, is nothing new. The disgusting part is that money could have been better used elsewhere.

They could have given it to any number of charities or causes that had an actual affect on peoples lives. They could have even used the money to petition congress.  But instead of doing any real good with their funds, they decided to throw it off of a building. Why? Because it comes down to feeling good.  Donating $ 5,000 to a pet shelter or to an educational fund doesn't make a ripple in today society, no one gets to see these activists being good.  But throwing the money off a building? Well it will garner some media attention. It's all about 'street' cred and sticking it too the many without actually doing anything positive for society. 

#MicCheckWallSt raised the money using a website that promised, "Every dollar you donate is guaranteed to be thrown off a building."
I got a better idea. How about you use save that money to start a business or give it too a proven charity. You know, do some actual good.

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