Monday, July 23, 2012

It Doesn't Matter If One Government Project Fails...

We'll just keep pumping out government sponsored programs until we have an economy! That is the thinking of Chinese bureaucrats despite that fact that a 130 of their state sponsored airports lose a little over 300 million dollars a year. And it's safe to say that this is the thinking of our current, and preceding, administration as well. Remember, despite the fact that no real audit of the stimulus has been done, the fact that we have an official 8.2% unemployment rate, probably closer to 15% when government 'accounting' has been accounted for, and 1.7% growth rate shows that the Stimulus 'worked'. Never mind that estimates vary on how much was spent per job, but that it could be as high as $4.1 million. Spending eighty three times the average income per job? Now that's success! Never mind that no one knows which jobs were stimulus created and which ones weren't.

The mind of the bureaucrat, and especially the collectivist minded one, will only see the things that it wants to see, despite evidence to the contrary. In China this means they brush aside the ever mounting evidence that their prolific 'public works', which accounts for more than half their economic growth, spending is bankrupting its cities and strangling its small businesses. And it’s the same sort of world view that will ever prevent socialists from admitting that we do not live in a capitalistic society and the disconnect is so large that presidents can make potentially campaign ending speeches that are diametrically opposed to fundamental American values. Even when the weight of their shibboleths becomes too heavy for the foundations that they have created they will resist seeing the light.

Remember, the history of government I have never heard a collectivist ever say that the government did too much. Bankrupt America? Too few social programs. Companies going over seas? Too few regulations. Cities going bankrupt? Unions not strong enough. Remember, to the collectivist, individual freedom and responsibility is anathema to their very being. They may not hate America or her people, but they deplore our values, look down upon those who do not think them.

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