Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Your going to work to the grave

Forbes today has an interesting little Op/Ed about social security and retirement.  The permise being that you will work until you die, actually to the age of 70.  But considering how the article doesn't even touch on the fiscal realities that face us, such as medicaid, or that our liaiblities far outstrip our assets then you can assume that the retirement age will only creep upward. 

He even tries to paint a silver lining by saying that the youth of today are far more college eduacted, and that college educated individuals tend to work less physically demanding jobs, so it won't be that bad.  Makes me think of a certain blogger that rails about the preponderance of worthless degrees and the net drain they have on a persons economic potential. Furthermore, even if you are studying a worthwhile degree don't expect to have any sort of job worthy of your skill level.  Things are bad. I know guys who graduated as engineers, accountants, IT, or programmers who had to, or continue to, languish in jobs below their skill set.  I graduated with a finance degree, and while not as bad as a liberals degree in terms of employability, even with numerous internships under my belt I languished in an underpaying job for a year and was unemployed, outside of side work that I never reported, for a year after that.

Frankly, as a senior member of the millennial generation, I actually remember the transformers, GI Joe, Battle Toads, and Swamp thing, I advise you to be skeptical about any career advice you get from individuals a decade or older than you.  And while some would argue that the baby boomers have it out for you I would argue that they are simply too far removed from the realities that you face.  They came of age in a different era and in a different climate.  I remember relatives and older mentors advising me not to take such and such a job because it paid far too low and would hamper my future career prospects and that jobs that utilized my skill set would be forthcoming.  I really wished I hadn't listened, because while their advice would have been sound even a decade ago, it isn't now.

Take what you can get. Know that your employer doesn't necessarily have your best interest in mind. Think of your self as a contract worker. And always look for ways to expand your skill set or supplement your income.

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