Tuesday, August 7, 2012

News: Profitability Down in China

Apologize for the dearth of posts, work has been very busy among many other things (such as the summer fair and fleet week for the port city that I live in) but for your intellectual consumption here is a post about the declining profitability of Chinese firms.  I am fully aware that I keep harping on China like its the fat smelly kid in the room but keep in mind, the entire system is very sick. 

I do not think the first brick to fall will be in the US, though they will fall since we sit atop the current financial/economic system; I think its a race between Europe or China. When China dips below 5% growth you will see some serious hand wringing, in fact you could see a serious escalation of instability in a nation already dealing with a fair amount of instability.  For the Europeans this charade will last as long as Germany, or a nation like Spain, says it does.  The moment Germany says nien, or Italy says ciao to the euro, well that's the moment things get ugly.  For the US I don't think we will see this sort of thing until after the November election.

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