Thursday, August 16, 2012

Spain's Robin Hood

This is what happens when you follow the socialist route. Since it is fundamentally unsustainable you eventually open yourself up to politicians with a flair for the theatrical, ability to use populism to further their appeal, along with the willingness to break the law. I give you Spain's Robin Hood mayor.  This is troublesome because the man is obviously playing to certain elements; you think his Castro style beard is just a coincidence?

What he is doing is a classic populist playbook to garner support from elements of society that probably most depend on the government dole.  However, the mayor doesn't consider, or more than likely doesn't care to consider, the long term implications of such an action.  It isn't the grocer or the supermarket that causes the price spikes or makes it difficult for the poor to afford food; though I highly doubt people are really starving in Spain.

But mark my words, this man is dangerous because he is willing to use his immunity to break the law, and he is obviously gunning for bigger and better things. It wasn't too long ago that Spain was ruled by strong man Francisco Franc so there is a precedence for Spain's civil government to be co opted by a man who is willing to use populism, and not be bothered by scruples. 

I wonder how long Spain will remain a first world economy if a man, who is willing to try and take over land that is not his, or men like him begin to take control of Spain's government.  We've seen the damage socialism light has wrought on Europe, the damage done by hard socialism will only be worse.

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