Saturday, October 27, 2012

Cognative Dissonance

This my friends, is a display of cognative dissonance. They cannot fathom that individuals might not what Obama has done, and must bring out the tired old trop that it must be whiteys racism.  According to the New York Times 43% of the white electorate voted for Obama, a sizable minority of the white vote. Of the 55% who voted for McCain it would be absolutely foolish to think that even a majority of that number voted against Obama because he was black; and in fact more whites voted for Obama, both absotely and proportionally, than they did John Kerry.

But no, the whites who oppose Obama must be latently racist, and the blacks that oppose him must be race traitors by that same logic. If anyone wonders why racial tensions are high, it's because of bogus bullshit studies like this. Personally, I think the results of such a study, based on very subjective criteria and analysis, is suspect; however, if we assume this line of thought to be logical, it isn't, then shouldn't we consider an alternative hypothises? That to the 51% of white Americans did not display 'anti-black' sentiment back in 2008 may have gotten tired of racial guilting and accusations of being racist because they were simply opposed to Obama's policies and not Obama the black man?

Either way this study is pure and utter fiction that proves nothing and only continues to insulate those who cannot see anything outside of a racial lense; or have the ability to recognize questionable sutdies.  Trying to guilt people into revoting for Obama is not going to work. White guilt is overplayed, you'll only succeed in getting raised eyebrows from generation y and x collectively, and the fact is, that Obama has had a very controversial presidency and the economy is in the crapper.  That is why Obama is having a close reelection, not because of any suppossed negative views about black people.

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