Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Entilements are sinking the ship

Englishman with a great post that summarizes everything in a point by point format that I, and countless other bloggers, have said about why our entitlement system is currently unsustainable.  Even though I didn't care one iota who won the presidency I knew that I was going to be depressed today. If Romney had won the fundamental issues besetting this nation would barely be addressed, if at all, and once the perfect storm came and passed the proponents of liberty would have a tough fight ahead against the progressives.  But then with a Romney election at least the illusion that a majority of Americans still believed in fiscal prudence would still exist.

With Obama we see that America is undergoing a rapid change.  Despite all the gains we have made, with the second amendment, drug prohibition, and trying to hold the FED accountable, the fact is that there is a leviathan still remaining that has to be slain.  Unfortunately for us we are now seeing a slight majority of Americans, those who vote anyways, openly declare they care more about short term security and willingly shackle themselves with fiscal chains than stand up as a free men with all the benefits and dangers that are entailed.

The worst part is that we really have few options left. I could go poolside and enjoy the decline, but at this point of my life it isn't possible. Perhaps I have been brainwashed but I have read too much of human history to simply sit by and enjoy the decline or fiddle while Rome burns. The other is that there really is no where left to go, ok maybe besides Alaska, everywhere else either is in much worse shape than America, and less free, and the few places that aren't, well it is nearly impossible to get in.  There really is no where else to go. Maybe I will join everyone poolside...

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