Thursday, November 1, 2012

Risky Business

At one point I was putting in a significant amount of money in my 401k. But after watching an old video by the captain I began to rethink that policy.  Not only was I forgoing the ability to manage my investments, but I also ran the risk of losing a significant amount of money if the Captain turned out to be correct. I still put some funds in my 401k, up to my employers matching, but I no longer consider this a safe investment.

I know there is a chance this money could disappear so I approach my 401k like any other investment. But on the chance that our 401k isn't nationalized or that the stock market doesn't decrease significantly with the exit of the market by the boomers.  However, even more traditional media outlets are becoming dour on the financial market. Fortunately for me I the only money I have in my 401k is money that I am willing to risk.

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