Thursday, November 29, 2012

What Happens When You Destroy A Culture

You want to see what happens to  a society when its cultural roots are torn asunder and replaced with the morass that tries to pass itself off as culture today?  Just look at Japan, a society that was once the epitome of manly virtue reduced to this pathetic state. Where a women who married a man, probably a former otaku, forced him to 'murder' his virtual girlfriend.  This just symbolizes what is wrong in that nation today, and in many ways this anchorless society we live in today.
  1. That a man would be so committed to a virtual person, scratch that just a collection of programmed responses for a game, to invite it to a wedding. Shows the result when you completely emasculate male culture.
  2. That a women would be so insecure to force her new husband to destroy his video game.
  3. That the man reportedly shed tears when he committed the act. Need I remind you that this is not a sentient being but just a collection of pre-programmed responses.
  4. That they photographed, probably at the brides insistence, the event for posterity. Yes lets keep records of your husbands pathetic attachment to a video game character for posterity. I can just imagine this being used as fodder to emasculates him further.
Japan at least has the excuse of undergoing a two terrible nuclear bombings that fundamentally shook their culture to the core and an occupying nation that simply sought to replace the Bushido culture with an amalgamation of pseudo-democracy and capitalism. Frankly, I don't blame America, you start wars and you run the risks of having something like this happening. America put a system in place to benefit her against her fight against the Soviets, and frankly they handled the occupation far better than any of Japans neighbors would have. But that is another discussion.

Japan managed to muddle along, focusing its energies into becoming an economic super power. The salaryman work ethic replaced the Bushido code in Japanese society. What Japan had was a culture, neither anchored in the fundamental values of the west, nor the value of the east; rather, I would say it is the closet approximation of the cultural point that certain powers are trying to push America towards today. And when the sole remaining reason for being and anchor of this culture dissipated, their drive to become an economic power equal to that of the US, their culture went into a rapid nose dive.  Sad, sad, state of affairs it is to go from warrior society to nihilistic pantywaist.

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