Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Oh The Irony. The Delicious Irony.

When NBC news anchor David Gregory was arguing about banning high capacity magazines he displayed one on television in front of NRA chief executive LaPierre. In a delicious twist of irony David Gregory is now being investigated by the police for violation of Washington D.Cs ban on large capacity magazines.

I do not have sympathy for the man, not just because he is trying to infringe on 2nd amendment rights by arguing for laws that have no affect whatsoever on gun violence or violence in general. But also because a person arguing to make something illegal who doesn't take the time to make sure that what he is presenting isn't already illegal in the area he is presenting deserves what he gets. I doubt he has any sympathy for gun owners or gun store owners who have been nailed for failing to understand all of the byzantine labyrinth of our countries, state, and municipal codes, regulations and laws on firearms; so he gets none from me.

Note to all hoplophobs and gun grabbers. Being ignorant of not only how firearms work when trying to take away second amendment rights makes you look foolish; and only helps my cause. But as we see now, being utterly ignorant of the laws as well could also land you in trouble. Many, though unfortunately not all, gun owners are all too keenly aware of the wire thin line we walk when.  Maybe David Gregory will gain some sympathy for law abiding citizens who are turned into criminals because of ineffectual and ludicrous laws, but I doubt it.  So I will settle for some schadenfreude.

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