Tuesday, December 4, 2012

School Boards Should Be Abolished

I think what the principal did at this school was fantastic. It is all too apparent that the politically correct method of discipline, sending individuals home, doesn't work. If a person is too stupid to care about their education, and many youths are very stupid, then they cannot appreciate what they are being denied.  Moreover, the only individuals suspension works for are those whose parents give a damn, or enough of a damn to have the wherewithal to instill motivation in their children; funny thing about that, kids with those kinds of parents generally don't get sent to detention.

There are only two things that can keep ne'erdowells, and most kids who get into fist fights at school are the ne'erdowells, is physical punishment and public shaming.  This used to be common knowledge as little as 50 years ago, but in this <s>impotent</s> softer age it has become forgotten.  My grandmother was a teacher and she said she rarely had to administer corporal punishment back in her day and that kids actually listened and behaved. Not that they were more inclined to behave then versus now, she worked in a poor rural school with farm and migrant kids, but that it only took one or two times with the switch to set them straight. Interestingly enough she became the teacher responsible for teacher the problem children because she had an ability to keep them in line. But I digress.

This leaves us with one, and only one, method that has any hope of working and that is public shaming. Now some limp wristed individuals are going to complain that this is some how homophobic, it's not. The fact is that at that age kid are terrified about being teased for liking someone, regardless of gender. You could take a guy and a girl who loathed each other and they would be just as mortified, okay almost as mortified, as those two boys. The social structures for teenage individuals are like the lion wild prides of Africa, brutal. These young men are going to have to deal with the teasing and the ribbing for a little while, and chances are decent that it might prevent such an encounter between the two again; at least on campus anyways.

It isn't a surprise that the school board takes exception to what the principal did. Governing bodies operate on the opposite principal of the exponential power of two or more minds. Rather than being two heads are better than one, implying that you at least have double the brain power, it has an inverse effect.  Each of those individual board members could be highly intelligent, it doesn't matter, they might as well be mouth breathers for all the common sense that comes from those bodies. Government bodies have a life of their own, and with that life comes its own mind. It is more worried about potential law suits and the loss of face that would result rather than the long term well being.  We would all be better if school boards were abolished and the final decision making power rested in the hands of the principal; the title ultimately coming from the Latin word principalis -e which translates to first in rank.

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