Friday, January 4, 2013

All Sorts of Stupid

I normally do not wade into these sort of discussions as you can find insightful commentary all over the net on this sort of thing.  But some things cannot be ignored, and this is one of them.  Now, it isn't the article that I am commenting on, the article is the standard run of the mill type of advice that comes from a major publisher; though much of the advice given is admittedly pretty sound. Rather, it is one of the comments:
I agree. Overzealous marriage promotion is a problem for all genders, however. It has created a social structure that advocates marriage (however unhappy) as the optimum form of social interaction. Women are made to feel they "need" a husband to be "normal" and men feel they "need" a wife for the same. And since a large number of people are socially dysfunctional and in no way capable of a long-term relationship with one other person, a high percentage of marriages fail or are unhappy. The reality is that movies, books, TV, the media and one's own family and friends portray marriage as a fantasy that is in no way attainable. And marriage counselors often do that same. They get paid large rates to attempt a person or couple to "save" something that never should have existed to begin with.
Overzealous marriage promotion? That is all sorts of stupid, and perfectly exhibits the mental rot that is inflicted on us by society at large.  Societies interest in the promotion of marriage isn't some sort of secret plot by the patriarchs of society, who also secretly worked against man's millions of years of preference for zaftigs by the way, to make people feel like they need a mate.  People feel like they need a mate because they need a mate (be it a lifetime or a few months)!

I mean outside of ignoring the thousands of years that evidence provided by the near universality of marriage throughout thousands of humanity and its thousands of cultures; we have reams of scientific data showing the importance of husband-wife relationships!  Now before anyone gets their panties in a twist thinking I am ignoring homosexual parings I will say out loud that I am not making commentary on homosexual relationships; I am making a comment only on heterosexual relationships.

Lastly, the reason why so many relationships are 'unsavable' is simply a product of the sick society we are in today.  Something that has existed for thousands of years, across innumerable cultures, is not something forced on us by society, it is a natural manifestation of our humanity. Rather, this recent development of broken relationships and explosion of old maids much a product of our dystopia!  I mean it is unbelievably simple! All things in life trend towards homeostasis and I have a hard time believing that our current societal mental framework, which has existed for less than a century and requires legions of laws, layers, and politicos, is somehow the natural state of man. That would require ignoring thousands of years of evidence.

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