Friday, January 18, 2013

An Anonymous Opinion Means Nothing...

Nor does one hidden behind a pen name.  When I first started blogging I chose a pen name because I happened to live in an area that is not very amendable to conservative or libertarian viewpoints. In fact I had been actively encourage by my parents to keep my political viewpoints to myself. Unfortunately, even in the business world your political viewpoints can result in lost opportunities if you happen live in an area that is opposed to your world view, even if only slightly.

I saw this in college as well. There is a lot of talk about how universities are about opening your mind and learning new ideas, however, that isn't the case. Colleges are probably one of the most dogmatic and ideologically closed environments you will find. Some universities have even actively tried to stifle speech that they do not agree with, which is why F.I.R.E exists in the first place. This knowledge lead me to the decision that if I were to blog, I should kept my identity hidden.

But I have learned from some of the other bloggers that this is the wrong choice.  If I am unhappy with what is going on then an anonymous opinion behind a pen name solves nothing. It really is nothing more than an act of cowardice. No opinion given by a coward has any real merit or value. One thing I have to respect is individuals that voice controversial opinions and are willing to stand by them. I do not agree with everything I have read, but as hpx83 said, this about being a grown up as things need to be said, and items need to be debated.

I am under no illusion that I somehow say anything more insightful or profound than anyone else, but then that wasn't the point in the first place. I wanted to express my frustration, my worldview, and learn from others. I have only blogged for less than a year, but it looks like something I will continue for a long time, and if I ever do say anything worth spreading or reflecting, it needs to be said by a real man, and not by a disembodied name. Free men do not hide behind pen names for fear of the possible retribution they may face for their opinions. The founders were willing to sign their names, and their sacred honor, declaring their intent to rebel against the crown. I should at least be able to handle the few snide remarks that might come from my social circle for the opinions I express.

My name is Kevin R Daniels. I live in Seattle, Washington. I do not like what has happened to my country, I distrust my government, I am disgusted by our political process, I hate our moral relativism, I despise our celebration of willful ignorance, I cannot understand our cultural self loathing, I believe the constitution is the most important document in human history outside of the bible, and maybe the great charter, and I believe that classical western culture, with it's judeo-christian foundations, is superior to other cultures and one of the reasons for our success.  You can few my profile at policymic if you want to see a real image of me.


  1. The reason I never bothered with a pen name is because I could not think of one that I liked and because I did not think that it was worth the bother.

    I don't care for your title. Any opinion could be valuable, no matter where it comes from. An opinion or idea should stand on its own merits.

  2. Interesting you mentioned college. My college 'prided' itself on tolerance, but tolerant only of a very liberal viewpoint. The rampant feminism was out of control.


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