Friday, January 11, 2013

Another Image of Our Decline

If you want any more visual proof on the decline of the west, you need only go here.  I doubt we'd have found our grandmothers doing these things, and perhaps more importantly, I doubt a 'respectable' periodical would have reported on this. Perversion used to be confined were it belonged, the seedy underbelly of society, now we flaunt it about. We are now a society that celebrates perversion and raises degenerates to the status of celebrities. It is truly depressing the my grandmothers brother died in WWII and within the lifetime of his sister our nation has been reduced to the state we are in now.


  1. If you want any more visual proof on the decline of the west

    Not really. This is no different than the mud-wrestling that was popular in the 80's.

    People have always done silly things in history. My hometown (Spokane) used to be as much of a whorehouse as Bangkok, Thailand is today a 100 years ago. Portland, OR used to feature "fight club" style underground fighting clubs during the 1920's where women used to get drunk and watch the men fight it out.

    I don't think we're that much more depraved than previous generations.

    BTW, violent behavior is much less common today than 30 years ago and environmental Lead may be the explanation.

    1. I don't think human beings on a whole are much more depraved either. And you would be right about those things, however, I am talking about proper society, and in the last 50 years I would argue there has been a real decline in standards and mores, though that could be chaulked up to the cyclical nature of our societies.

  2. If you think that this is bad, try looking at some of the photos from any 'Slut Walk'.
    Talk about a 'Carnival of the Animals'...EECCHH!

    1. Yes I remember those, back when I was in college they would always decide to hold those 'Slute Walks' around 10 pm at night on a weekday. How I hated those things.


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