Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Fiscal Cliff Nonesense

Congratulations congress and American media, your cowardice, capitol hill myopia, and complete inability to do simple economic analysis has resulted in the fiscal cliff being averted; not at all! As Vox Populi correctly ascertains, they are simply kicking the can down the road.  And here is how pathetic congress is; I don't even have to read the bill to know that this is what it will not do, as our government is incapable of doing anything remotely close to actual governing:
  1. It will not raise government revenues as I have pointed out before.
  2. It will not actually decrease government spending; merely slow down the rate of increase
  3. It will continue the crowding out of the private sector.
I can't say I am surprised the GOP caved; a party that couldn't muster a measly $ 100 billion of spending cuts out of a budget that was increased by over a trillion dollars only a few years ago isn't really fiscally conservative. I am a bit surprised on how fast the house caved, not even a couple day fight, but then I have heard from others that I shouldn't be surprised by this. And in truth those that say that are right.

Regardless how this had gone, the writing is already on the wall, and has been for quiet some time (in my mind it was secured after Ron Paul failed to garner the GOP candidacy). This is just another reminder, among many other instances in the past, that there is no such thing as a 'conservative', party in America.  Lip service is given to the constitution; all the while the jackals slowly dismantle it to the peoples indifference, or in some cases, enthusiastic approval. Talks about fiscal responsibility are nothing more than honeyed poison from the tongues of vipers. Expect to see many more betrayals in the near future. We are entering the end game, and the wolves will begin to take off their sheep's clothing.


  1. The republican party: a proud tradition of growing government at a slower rate.

  2. Hey, found your blog from wolf, I like your thinking a lot. I have long been fascinated with rome/america connection. You got any posts especially like that? I will read them.

    1. I've done a few posts with a Rome/America slant, however, I have done a very poor job tagging them. Here is one of my more popular posts concerning a Roman law few may have heard of, but is actually very apt considering America's unique situation.

      Here is a post that outlines some points that I will expound on in greater individual detail.

      Here is the fist concerning Tiberius Gracchus the founder of the Optimates and an ancient progressive. I am currently working on a post about his younger brother.

      Lastly, I recommend viewing the free videos that Stratfor puts out. They are geopolitics periodical and the same issues and items that fundamentally drove peoples and groups then do now.


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