Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Presidential Politics: Obama's Power Class

Joel Kotkin has a great article talking about how the clerisy, as he calls the conglomeration of academia, government bureaucrats, and information and 'green' companies, will benefit from Obama's second term. What is also interesting is the rivalling power class, traditional big business, bankers, and other east coast institutions, had benefited greatly under Obama, but backed Romney anyways. In some ways you could call their backing an attempted fail coup, but this is normal in politics.

While the results of the presidential election matter little for everyday Americans, since Romney and Obama didn't really differ that much on policies that would have actually affected the average American, the elections are a big deal for the power class. It serves as a good reminder that the halls of power are not occupied by one set of elite, but like the scheming feudal lords of old, different groups of 'nobility' each vying for their own influence.  Banks and traditional business, lost this round. Academia, bureaucrats and green industries have won big time.

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