Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Argentina and Price Controls: History Never Learned.

Well it turns out that Argentina is instituting price freezes on some of their items, found via savecapitalism, and there is nothing that can go wrong with that idea, is there?  This is why I named my blog the way I did, History Predicts the Future, because so many individuals fail to actually learn and apply historical lessons to what is going around us.  These efforts are doomed to failure, Nixon's wage and price freeze failed, FDR's New Deal policies prolonged the depression, and if you have even bothered to read my posts on Tiberius Gracchus, you will realized that the Roman republic instituted similar measures. All of them failed, and simply prolonged what it tried to stop, or brought about something worse.

You would think that our politicians would know these lessons, after all, it isn't like there is a secret society of librarians that are colluding to keep such knowledge hidden from the public. It makes me wonder how congress can be so full of idiots, but then I realize, that while some occupying our hallowed hauls deserve that mark, others simply don't care. They know full well that these policies eventually fail, but they are also banking on the fact that their will either, be out of office by that time, or that enough time has passed that the public will forget that they put the bill forward. 

The latter has to be the case for Argentinian president Cristina Kirchner, since her husband instituted such policies and only accomplished widespread meat and milk shortages. And what the fuck is wrong with Argentina? You have a president who proves that he knows nothing about economics and you go and elect his wife right after him? I am sure that her presidency will be a model of clean and sound government, oh wait, no it won't. Argentina seems to be the 20th century example of a national going from the top of the first world to utter self inflicted implosion; and it looks like Argentina will go through another round of wealth destruction thanks to her incompetent leaders. If only our own politicians would take note.

Sometimes I toy with the idea of  championing a law that stipulates that upon the end of congressional tenure that the person automatically is sent to prison for a time equal to the number of years they served in office.

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