Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Boyfriend Renting

According to the Telegraph, boyfriend renting, is becoming more common in China. It's intriguing because this is happening despite the fact that China's ill-conceived one child policy has led to there being a glut of men, and a shortage of women, shouldn't it be the other way around?

But the writer theorizes that the boyfriend rental trend is indicative of Chinese women choosing an urban lifestyle. Why then would they need to rent boyfriends if they can just 'sex and the city' it up? Well we need to also remember that China is not like the west, their elders are still anchored towards traditional views of marriage, so when they meet a family, that mid-20s something needs to bring some sort of man home. You can also say that unlike the slothful west, which already has wealth, the Chinese work themselves to death, meaning there just might not be all that much time for a young women to meet a young man.

But here is what I am wondering. When will we see this phenomena in the west? We have already seen the rise of the old maid, how long until we see young girls renting boyfriends?


  1. what about bringing in women from other countries to fill the girlfriend

    1. That is happening in China as well, which I expected given their skewed gender demographics. But the boyfriend renting was a surprise.


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