Monday, February 4, 2013

Get Some Silver Today

What is real money? Sound and hard money proponents will tell you that any desired item can serve as money. The most popular, by far, and with thousands of years of worldwide cultural backing is gold and silver. While silver may be the commodity of choice for the extremely wealthy and, increasingly, central banks, silver has been the common mans metal of choice.

But how many of you have owned silver? Held it in your hands and felt its weight. If you haven't, then I suggest you by some while it is still affordable. The first time I walked out of a mint with a bag of silver in my hand I was a changed man, I could never look at the paper bills that we call money, backed by essentially nothing (I do not consider a government promises as any sort of real backing) , the same way again. I've bought a fair bit of silver since the  and this weekend I added another addition to my collection. Save unlike the silver rounds I normally purchase, I bought a ten ounce bar.

This ten ounce bar is worth around $ 320, two days worth of work for a man who makes $ 20 an hour, or a weeks worth of wages for someone working a minimum wage job. And this is what makes gold and silver so desirable, because it the heft it carries isn't just physical, it represents time as well. The first time you hold silver, or gold, that you purchases yourself you gain a whole new understanding about money and it's relation to your time. Paper doesn't so this quiet as well.

In my opinion there are tons of benefits to owning  metal like silver, but the issuing has been written about extensively, and no argument is as convincing as actually owning some. Unless your deep in the blue pill world, the you will see why silver is superior to paper. In fact arguments and data won't even have to be presented to you, when you hold it's something instinctual.

In the end, considering views on the debt, federal reserve and the directing of the economy at large, I am simply aiming for wealth preservation. And let me tell you, I always feel like I am losing something when I put money in the bank, inflation, or stocks, earnings do not support spot prices, but I do not feel like that when I purchase silver. So do yourself a favor, get some silver today.

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