Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bill Introduced In Texas That Will Give Tax Breaks To Companies That Violate Obamacare

The headline says it all. I am not going to make much of this, considering that dozens, if not hundreds, of bills are introduced in state legislators that never see the light of day outside of their first proposal. However, if this bill does gain traction, then it would be another interesting development in the growing rift between the states, and the federal government.


  1. Texan Rebels With a Cause, I might say. Certain people would interpret their actions as being highly sexist.

    Why do left wing types, particularly those who say they are centre-left, and progressives obsess so much over "education," like I saw in the comments on that Huffpo article you linked to? I never understood that at all. Education is a lot more like brainwashing now.


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