Tuesday, March 5, 2013

DOW Posts All Time High

The Dow posts an all time high which further proves that either the stock market has nothing to do with real economic production, considering that unemployment and private sector GDP still haven't reached pre-recession levels, or all the dollars the FED is pumping out is simply inflating the dollars, or both.

The bull market is perplexing, outside of FED pumping of dollars, given that everyone, other than die hard Keynesians and Obama supporters, will admit that the economy is not perform well.  Even wall street admits that the economy is doing poorly, in a round about sort of way, because they justify governments increasing spending as necessary to keep the economy afloat.

The irrationality of wall street, and the economic and fiscal illiteracy of our government, is well known. So the question is, have we entered the count down? Is this the high water mark, or perhaps more accurately the low water mark, before the next tsunami of dollar induced malinvestment hits our shores?

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