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I don't normally wade into conversations about game, women or the red pill, though I do follow it, but I do consider this blog as a part of the the 'sphere; if only on the outer edges since I don't talk about topics like Game at all and Feminism very little since there are others who can do it much better than I. I found this post by a certain blogger, word to the wise he identifies as an omega, a little strange. I have never experienced what this individual is talking about in reference to the manosphere, but then again, due to my lack of need, I don't visit most PUA blogs. There are a lot of reasons but the biggest is that I don't think that some of the boyfriend advice in many of the blogs is that useful if you are in long term relationship, others will disagree. I generally try to do what Athol Kay advocates in his blog.

As for the guys definition of the manosphere. It honestly seems rather narrow. Sure, back in 2008 it might have been that way but I think it has evolved since then. In my mind the manosphere has, or has begun, to outgrow its initial sex oriented circle and is expanding into more of an alternative forum where men talk about all things, science, religion, politics, and culture. 

A general consensus I have seen  from a variety of blogs is that education, pop culture and most importantly news has become too feminine centric. I am sure some militant feminist with 29 piercings will accuse me of misogyny, to which I would reply that you are doing to the word misogyny what took race hustlers 50 years with the word racist. But anyone with a brain, man or women, will understand what I am getting at. And maybe I am being a little too broad when I say feminine centric, perhaps I should say a specific kind of feminine centric. Either way, what has resulted is a significant decline in the exchange of ideas as the range of topics that is deemed 'acceptable' to discuss have evaporated and even worse men have lost their way. While some idiots out there may celebrate the decline of manhood, I can testify as a relatively young man, that my generation feels adrift as a result. This is not a good thing, just look at Japan.

The fact is that there I many bloggers that I read that I do not agree with on all things; hell sometimes most things. But I have since learned that you can not shy away from ideas simply because they are 'offensive' to you or are 'insensitive' to others feelings. Sometimes you will read things on the 'sphere that you will disagree with at first, vehemently at times, but may come around too later with experience and new evidence. My point being that on the 'sphere' I can say 'this is fucking stupid' and not have someone try to out my face book profile, harass me much less have my comment deleted because someone is butt hurt. A person may call me an idiot and that will be the end of it. I don't think I would enjoy that sort of internal security on other sites.


  1. Athol Kay is great, but I wouldn't associate him with the PUA crowd. There's a separate category for red pill relationships and I don't think they belong in the same hemisphere as the PUA douch crowd, containing the most execrable contributors known to the internet (very high bar, that).

    I was deemed a troll on Heartiste with a single post, and banned. It contained no pejoratives against the site or participants, nor swear words, nor was it particularly verbose (about seven words total). I was just criticizing a suggested tactic (that I thought would be successful only with very stupid women, and i said as much).

    The whole "oh so very alpha!" "Alpha. Dude." "Whoa...he's so alpha" really smacks of deepseeded homosexual tendencies anyway. Use a female that one neither respects, nor has any real interest in, for a (figurative) spittoon and then call that alpha, and rejoice in one's soundly proven alpha straightness.

    If I'm going to use a device with all the known information available to man mainly to argue with complete strangers, I'll pick a more cerebral bunch of strangers, or just look at pictures of baby animals or videos of elephants farting.

    1. I agree that there are individuals who focus inordinately on one aspect of being 'alpha' and run with it will ignoring whole. I think DJ Aurini said it most accurately that deginerate behavior, what he calls societies traditional omegas, is now misconstrued as alpha.

      I can't say I really loath the PUA crowd since I have come to think that their attitude on women, however distasteful I find it, is simply a reaction to crap that has been shoved down their throats for decades. And it takes two to tango.

      While some of those girls may be the sweet innocent girl next door types who have been ruined by an unfortunate run in with a true PUA; I have found through experience that the girls are willing participants in the whole endeavor and do respond to dickish behavior.


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