Monday, April 8, 2013

Please No

I don't have as high a distaste for nepotism as the Captain, his feelings on the matter are well known and his rants legendary, and it probably is more align with Aurini's view on the matter.  But one thing I hate seeing is political careers that are started on nothing more than the family name.  That is why speculation like this gets my blood pressure up, it's not that she announces that she is considering running for office one day,and I assume an hard line progressive statist (she will and is.). Nor is it that she is related by blood to two politicians.  If that were the case I would have to predisposed against Rand Paul but I am not; largely because I think he does a pretty decent job.

It's because she will probably win solely on her name, by virtue of running in an area that is solidly in her camp. She will, most likely anyways, have to run on nothing more than her parents name and a few leftist platitudes.  This is what angers me. She will win, not because she will have run a better campaign or articulated a better vision for America, but because no one is going to run against a Clinton in the heart of blue territory. Not to excessively draw parallels to Rand Paul, but could anyone imagine a Clinton, Bush or a Kennedy doing what he did, facing the opposition he did, or even having the balls to run against his own party? I can't.

Ultimately I think this is another great argument as to why we need term limits. Because what is going to happen is that Chelsea Clinton will win whatever office she for, outside an any office were she would actually have to compete, and will probably squat in that position for as long as she can.  Now I know it is too much to hope for a libertarian leaning Clinton but maybe, just maybe she will actually display real qualities of leadership; after all it really shouldn't be too hard to surpass her father. But given the reality distortion field she has probably lived in her entire life I am very doubtful.  Maybe we should just have our elected office filled up via lottery, after all, I can't imagine how Joe or Jane American would do any worse a job than our current crop of elected leaders.


  1. Everything you said about her is exactly correct, for proof one need only look at her mom.

    Yeah Hilary had a little more of a resume, but still pretty weak.

  2. I'm beginning to understand that everything seems to be style over substance.

    Every time I hear political news like this I feel better and better about not voting in the last election.

    "Voting is giving your consent to be governed."


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