Monday, April 1, 2013

Spineless Cowards

Lego you are pathetic. And some people wonder in Europe why certain groups of individuals aren't assimilating into your country? This is a perfect example, no one is going to assimilate in a culture that promotes spinelessness.  Yes, Lego is a major corporation and corporations have no spines by default but it simply illustrates a larger trend. Would Europe, pre-cultural revolution, have ever tolerated this sort of pathetic whimpering? No, they would have rightly dismissed it as so much noise from individuals who had nothing better to do.  In the end I think immigrant Muslims will suffer the most. Why you say? Just look at nations like Greece and Italy have nationalist groups gaining in popularity and how do you think they are going to respond when some Muslim malcontents cause problems? They will eject the whole lot of them violently, the good and the bad.  I fear blood will be spilt eventually, many an innocent will be hurt, and it would have been completely avoidable.


  1. I mentioned an article last week where an english liberal admitted the left screwed up on immigration.

    No nation has to legitimize itself to the rest of the world, not even the muslims. You do what you want and we'll do what we want.

    Still its amazing how many people think you can appease someone into your control.

  2. With Europe's open border policy I think Denmark is basically making this decision at the point of a spear.


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