Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Stratfor: Canada's Geographic Challenge

Here is another Geographic Challenge video from Stratfor. This one featuring our cousins in the wintry north.  Canada is in a unique position due to its relation to the United States. On the one hand close proximity means that Canada has the added protection of naturally being in the US defense umbrella; and access to the largest economy in the world.  Canada is America's largest supplier of oil and natural gas.  At the same time Canada's proximity means a loss of some of its sovereignty -can anyone imagine Canada significantly going against America geo-politically? - and it is very much intertwined into American markets, 49% of its imports are from America, to the point that you could almost consider Canada and America as one economy. Anyways, enjoy the video


  1. This is highly off-topic, but since you and Cappy were automatically assuming that some crazed Islamist was behind the Boston marathon bombings, you need to read this. Never rely on The New York Post for any bit of valid information on this story. I too had made the mistake of jumping to conclusions and trying to rationalize who might have done the crime without knowing too many of the details and I would also like to apologize for being too firm with what I had to say, but it's really important that everyone knows the facts.


    "Late on Monday, police searched a Boston area apartment of a Saudi Arabian student who was injured in the blast, law enforcement sources said. But they said evidence showed that the student was expected to be cleared of suspicion and that he was unlikely to shed any light on the attack."

    This is turning out to be quite a mystery and sadly, Aaron was dead wrong about trying to implicate the CAIR in this. Don't buy into the FOX News/New York Post Kool Aid and their BS assumptions of stuff they have little evidence for. I also think they are trying to push this kind of propaganda so that the U.S. can continue to expand its imperialistic, global military complex and restrictions upon our liberty and freedom like that cursed Patriot Act and the NDAA.

  2. Global military industrial complex I mean or just global militarism. FOX News and all these sources of propaganda are the furthest thing from being libertarian for me. I'm sorry to say it.

  3. It also seems like the Saudi Arabian student was probably just a bystander or a pedestrian who also got hit by the shrapnel. I think I'm also going to stick to The Boston Globe if I want any more information about what happened and possibly Reuters.

    1. My hypothesis was based on the MO of the attack as it is standard islamist doctime, which admittedly could have been intentionally done to stymie investigators. We really don't know who did it, or why, but I don't see how it couldn't be a legitmate islamist terror attack, in fact I think that is more likely than a right wing attack, but at the same time it could be a random nutjob. Here is my order of probability based on nothing more than my gut:

      Most likley:
      Islamist attack

      Not likely:
      Right wing extremists

      WTF are you serious?!
      Government false flag (I will have a rant about this in the future)

      In the end the facts will tell us what really happened. And you needn't worry about me watching Fox news, I watch it about as often as CNN or MSNBC, which is not very. I think Stratfor will have a good analysis of what happened but that will be a while down the road after the facts have been collected.

    2. Thank you for explaining how you came to that conclusion! For me though, it does seem odd that an Islamic terrorist would choose a marathon of all places to launch an attack, especially over 12 years after 9/11 happened without a successful domestic attack. I'm not sure where they lie on the political spectrum, but some people were even suggesting that IRA (Irish Republican Army) sympathizers might have had some involvement with this. Who knows?


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