Monday, April 22, 2013

When The Sheep Dogs Are Wolves

Some of the sheep will choose to become sheep dogs and purge their pack the malcontents. This news article is a little old but I still wanted to share it.  Mexico is a good example of what could happen to parts of the country if we let the rot that is socialism to fester.  Corruption is a large problem in Mexico.  According to the 2012 Corruptions Perception Index Mexico ranked 105.  Contrast this with the United States and Canada , which ranked in the top 20 nations for least corrupt, Mexico score puts them in the same ball park, and in fact they lose too, China and India.  This corruption has effectively paralyzed the police force as an honest crime fighting institution.  Honest cops are murdered and the police are little different from the drug cartels in certain parts of Mexico.

That is why it warms my heart, and further illustrates the reason for the 2nd Amendment, when towns people take their public well being into their own hands. I realize that there are some issues with vigilante groups and their kind of justice but this only resulted because the local government absolutely failed it's duty to the constituents it was supposed to serve. The rise of vigilantes in the rural towns of Mexico is not ideal by a  long shot but it is, by far, a much better alternative than being powerless against thugs.

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