Tuesday, May 7, 2013

After AWB Fails The Media Tells Us What We Already Knew About Firearms

Now that the AWB has been taken off of the table, and there is no point for the media to try and use people's emotions to push forward a law that would do nothing to stop firearm violence, guess what the media reports.  A DOJ  report that says gun violence has fallen dramatically over the last two decades, and that less than 2% of convicted inmates reports buying a firearm from a gun show; the majority acquired their firearms through friends and families. 

This comes as no surprise to me or any other 'right wing' gun nut.  We've been saying this for some time now.  I can imagine a lot of 2nd amendment lovers would find this report funny considering that it was only released after the AWB was well and truly defeated. Whether the media or the DOJ was avoiding releasing this bit of information until after the AWB failed, or it's just a coincidence that the report was released after it's failure, I cannot rightly say. But I do know one thing, the preponderance of data showing that the proliferation of firearms in this nation is not the reason for gun violence will be ignored, once again, in short order.

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