Friday, May 24, 2013

Youths Continue to Riot In Sweden

American media continues to neglect to mention who exactly the rioters are.  They say youths but they are deliberetly leaving out an adjective that should be attached to it. The media doesn't speak the truth for fearing to offend people's delicate sensibilities, however, their continued silence only assures that when the public finally changes their mind about our current stance on multiculturalism that it will be a violent change. 


  1. I've noticed the same thing. Even in the places that have mentioned it, it's still only in passing because there hasn't been enough coverage to actively identify anyone.

  2. I don't wish to gloat, but does anyone remember the arrogance of Europe during our Los Angeles riots? "These things could never happen here! A product of racism and underprivilege...yadda yadda..."


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