Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Modern Art Trolling

My disdain for modern art isn't a secret, it's mostly garbage put out by talentless hacks, so when my girlfriend showed me a video about some trolling an art museum, not just any art museum but the Smithsonian no less, I had to share it.

I love the absolute bullshit he spouts about the gently foating cardboard since it really isn't too far removed from the kind of nonsensical crap real 'artists' use to describe their 'pieces of work'. Kudos to the security attendant and her sense of humor.


  1. I think the biggest problem plaguing modern "art" is the emphasis on amateurism and postmodernism. It really went downhill starting in the 1970s but the decay had already been prevalent in the 1960s too. Someone described the television show Mad Men as a commentary and look at why art aesthetics declined over a period of time, which is one of the reasons that I've been watching that show lately.

  2. Thanks, I really enjoyed this. "It is called Please do not enter"

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