Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Manosphere Worldview Is Most Definitley Growing

The manosphere is replete with men sounding horns and standing atop pulpits crying out "We are growing! We are growing!" And it certainly looks that way. Today I visited a website that has little to do with the manosphere. It is a weightlifting website whose creator, very knowledgeable in the science of weightlifting, has broken down, scientifically, how a person should lift and what they can expect given their body types.  While lifting is part of the manosphere in so far as it belongs in the 'self improvement' category, this particular corner of the Internet is wholly independent of the sphere.

Because of this, I never really expected to encounter manosphere ideas, but today I did, and from the creator of the website no less. He railed against the discrimination caused by feminism and how it has devolved into an organization promoting the discrimination towards men as well of the ridiculous metamorphosis of equality under the law into equality under all things. Gentleman, I have been visiting this website for a very long time, far longer than I have been acquainted with the 'sphere, and I had no reason to ever suspect that I would see these ideas being articulated; yet I have.  The manosphere is indeed growing.

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  1. I think I read in "The Fourth Turning" by Strauss&Howe that during this particular stage of the generational cycle, we are expected to move from a state of "least pronounced differences between the sexes" to "most pronounced differences between the sexes", as a counter-reaction to two previous generations that have tried to eradicate them. Thus, the manosphere (although I prefer the term "Androsphere" which the guys at the "Ortosphere" tend to use) is completely in line with historic predicament.

    What is encouraging about this is that if history is any guide, that means that in 10 years feminism and "gender equality" are going to be as dead as the dodo bird. Sure, they'll return thirty-fourty years later, but at that point I'll just be an old man saying "I've seen this here before and its the road to ruin, I tell you! You kids know nothing!"


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