Thursday, June 6, 2013

Investors Asking For Obamacare For 401ks Even If They Don't Realize It

The results from a Wells Fargo/Gallup pull, I see potential conflict of interests, a few months back that investors want governments to 'enhance' 401k accounts isn't surprising. Over sxity nine percent of those polls wanted the president and congress to find ways to every company to offer a 401k plan as well as encourage every American to invest into their company 401k. I can think of one way the government could 'encourage' 401k investment, and that would be to simply create laws and regulations requiring companies over a certain size to offer them.  Investors, businessmen and liberty minded individuals would balk at the suggesting of forcing companies to offer 401ks, however, considering what happened with health care, what else are we to expect?

Eventually the government is going to come after our 401k, I am fully convinced of this. In fact, when the government finally does I wouldn't be at all surprised if it were at the behest of the public.  The poll results simply illustrate that the trend has already started but it simply confirms that many investors don't think about the long term. So here is what I wonder.  How long until companies are effectively required to offer 401ks, or until the public is forced to contribute to retirement accounts, lest they incur fines and penalties à la Obamacare?

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