Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Progressive Fuedalism And The Soft Apartheid

An observation that is made quite frequently is that what progressives profess to care about and their actions are often at odds.  It is not lost on many people that while progressive profess their love for the working class, immigrants, minorities or any other group oppressed by mainline America, they certainly do not like surrounding themselves around them. What we are seeing is an apartheid of sorts.  This modern day progressive apartheid may not have the in your face ugliness of South African apartheid, but it is a soft apartheid of sorts. 

What is really aggravating about it isn't the fact that progressives typically do not associating themselves with these 'vibrant' neighborhoods or cities, in fact I do not fault them for leaving.  I have lived, or spend a lot of time, in the most 'vibrant' parts of Seattle.  They are very dangerous and some people I know were seriously injured during this period; not the sort of place a person wants to live if they can help it or have a family.  My anger stems from their utter hypocrisy on the matter and the attempt to silence anyone makes observation, that are pretty consistently observed across this nation, on why these areas are the way they are and that the areas that change for the better consistently have certain things happen.  No, the progressive is more than willing to chide you for your intolerance and provincially from the safety of his gated community.

In fact this raises an interesting issue where, with the utter irrelevancy of California's Republican party, the high priests of the cathedral, rich SW Pl liberals, are now turning on the plebeians within their own fold, particularly rural Hispanics.  The system of governance that America increasingly seems to be driving towards is a sort of progressive style feudalism enforcing a soft apartheid for the specially anointed.

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  1. Agreed. If you check out the NYTimes 2010 census maps with the race filters on, you'll see how every major city has an apartheid type scheme. Few are mixed (Las Vegas and Orlando). The entire state of Connecticut is set up this way.


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