Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Future of STEM

Today I am linking an absolutely excellent post from a blog I stumbled onto called Trotsky's children concerning which fields will remain valuable in the future and which one's will not.  Suffice it to say that his analysis corresponds with what I have been seeing.  Majoring in STEM is not a sure fire way to get a good job right out of college, I know a lot of STEM guys that took a few years to finally end up into their real jobs.  The proliferation of digital technologies is changing the world today as much as the Industrial Revolution changed the world 200 years ago, and jobs that appear essential now, for example accounting, could very well go the way of the telephone operator, completely disappear, or end up like haberdashery, a small niche for those with money or a predilection for dandy, and it behooves us to not forget this.

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  1. For at least 50 years, American colleges and universities half produced far more STEM graduates than the economy needs. At the BS engineering level as many as halfbthe graduates in some disciplines never practice engineering, although they may work in cognatevfields like technical sales. The situation is much worse at the graduate level three-quarters of all graduates are foreigners. Almost all of them go home, but one version of the proposed amnesty bill would grant them HB-1 visas, whichwould crush STEM salaries.

    And like all information-based jobs, STEM jobs are highly vulnerable to automation, and in fact over they last 50 years engineering companies have been radically transformed, all all sorts of jobs have disappeared. E.g., as recently as 30 years ago a surveying team consisted of three to four men, now one surfices, and the survey notes are digital and plotted automatically by CAD programs.


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