Wednesday, February 12, 2014

It Needs To Be Said

A person with a newly-minted degree is entering a highly-competitive environment known as "work."  In this environment they are charged with one, and only one thing: Being worth more to the company, net-net, than they cost in compensation and associated expenses.
That's the beginning and end of it, when you get down to how business, hiring and "human resources" work out.  No business can stay operational if it operates at a net deficit in this regard and as an applicant, no matter your credentials, you are not special or an exception to this rule.

A quote from this blogger who says that he, or she, occupies the slot of CEO for a company.  It cannot be stressed enough that college should be viewed as an investment and that currently, as investments go, they are pretty terrible ones.

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  1. I got scholarships to college, and it still was a bad idea, simply for the time wasted.


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