Friday, August 31, 2012

Political Analysts Are Worthless

Of course Romney didn't differentiate himself from the former President Bush. Niether did Obama when you look at his actual policies.  Why is it that people continue to lend weight to words, promises, and speeches!  The fact that analysts spend their time analyzing their speeches, which means nothing in regards to how they will govern, other than the policies they actually enacted and supported, a far better indicator of the kind governance substance, just exposes how pointless these hucksters are.

 The older I get the less credibility news political analysts have with their incredible ability to point out the obvious as if it was some keen insight, all the while ignoring the elephant in the room, that differentiating between the GOP and the Democrats is impossible. Substitute out some few key pieces of rhetoric that each party loves to focus on themselves and the parties are really indistinguishable from one another.

This is a long way off when the parties attacked each other for their stance on whether or not money should be gold, to afford monetary stability, or silver, to inflate the currency and help the farmers and homesteaders out west.  There was a real political difference there with real consequences. Today we just have a arguments between the GOP and Democrats on whether we should institute more government or a lot more government.

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