Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Organics Shmorganics

Most bloggers I have read have multiple interests outside of economics and politics.  One of my other hobbies is physical culture, or the fitness culture sans the bullshit supplements and unhelpful body building mags.  Due to participating in sports throughout my life from being a tot in diapers while playing t-ball to competing in NCAA college athletics I have developed a healthy interest in kinesiology and nutrition. 

One of the first things I have learned is that you should never ever listen to anything that appears on any major news publication or even your doctor when it comes to nutrition.  These are the main proponents of 'fad' diets, factually erroneous information, and out of date information.  Remember when eggs were considered 'junk food?' When eating copious amounts of whole grains was heart healthy?  The list goes on, and in fact even some good ideas get taken too far like the paleo-diet, eating more lean meats and vegetables over processed grains is a great idea, nonsense, forgoing any grain substance whatsoever as if it is some poison is absurd, is doubly so if your a competitive athlete, that has become the rage.  Don't even get me started on cross fit.

But I am not here to write about generally good eating and workout ideas that invariably get taken to far. No. I am here to actually post an article by a source that I say you should rarely listen to when it comes to health, mass media.  The reason why is that the article finally says something that I have long known from both observation and reading actually nutritional studies.  Organic produce is so no more healthier than conventional produce produced by the evil capitalist machine.  This shouldn't come to a surprise for those that have had their ear to the ground for the last decade but for those that can string to thoughts together. 

For example, if the world is as polluted as many environmentalists say it is, then organic farming wouldn't make a difference due to environmental contamination.  Secondly, farmers aren't using pesticides as strong as DDT any more, even the nattiest chemicals they are using today are more environmentally sound and healthy, but this is rarely reported on by the media.

Of course people will spin their wheels and say that the data is still too new to come to a firm conclusion. Or that there are other benefits to organic food over conventional.  So be it. If you buy organic because you don't want produce that was sprayed with pesticide that's a completely personale decision I can't fault you for.  The same goes for self growing food, which I admire because it shows dedication and paitence. But for those of you who buy organic food only because of its supposed health benefits, and not because you want to feel good because your being a good earth child to your earth mother, then you are wasting your money. The fact is this. Get your vegetables, get your meats, and if you lift weights, run, swim, play sports, or are generally physically active, work in some carbohydrates and your body will take care of itself.  This isn't rocket science. There isn't a secret diet or routine. It just takes discipline and paitence.  If people like Eugene Sandow, Steeve Reeves, Vince Gironda, or Reg Park could develop robust and healthy bodies 50 to 100 years ago; before the invention of powdered creatine*, protein powder*, steriods, organic foods, or any other bullshit health idea of the last 50 years, then you can too.

*These two items actually have long term scientific studies that show the benefits of taking these prodcuts; if your a serious competitive athlete. If your simply a gym junkie then you generally don't need these products.

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