Thursday, September 6, 2012

Texas Gets Just a Bit Faster

Texas recently has moved to increase their maximum speed limit on select highways to 85 miles per hour. Now is it any surprise that Texas is beating the pants off of California?  They have lower unemployment, no income tax, and its more business friendly. The only real downside I can think of is that the weather isn't quite as nice and Texans have egos as big as Californians. But considering that the first priority for anyone when contemplating a place to live is the ability to find a job; is it any wander that Texas is topping the charts as one of the fastest growing states?  

Yes California is still growing, but coupled the crowded enviroment with infrastructural decay, a bankrupt state, corrupt politicians, and the overall domination of politics by leftist ideologues and is it any wonder that Texas is surpasing California? California should really take notes lest they run the risk of becoming like detriot because Baja California in Mexico has much the same climate and people aren't exactly clarming to stay in Tijuana when San Diego is right next door.

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