Thursday, September 6, 2012

US Drops in Global Competitiveness

Despite the many issues that a lot of us see with the economic system the United States has had for the last few decades; it has ranked one of the most competitive in the world, according to the world economic forum.  Even as recently as 2008 with the election of a president who openly vowed to drastically change how the US operated, and amidst a financial crisis, the US still took the top spot.

Now we can rightfully be skeptical of subjective reports and tests such as this. Yet when you consider the state of much of the world, then yes, it can be argued that the US is one of the most competitive nations in the world. Until now, when the United States has dropped from first to seventh in three years.  Now there will be pundits out there who will blame Obama, though the president really has very little control over the economy.  The real problem is that the political elites have simply chosen to forgo economic vibrancy and competitiveness for trying to protect their little economic fiefdoms.

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