Monday, October 22, 2012

Behold the fruits of the EU's labors

Now to temper this article a bit, many news outlets have been screaming for months about increasing xenophobic attacks for quite some time.  Now, first off most mainstream outlets, here and in Europe, use the racist/xenophobic trope constantly to demonize individuals who are concerned about their cultural heritage.  However, attacks like these are serious and shouldn't be trivialized, yes media today is willing to drop say individuals are motivated by racism for too often, France's burka ban raised such complaints, but these attacks do display a rising nationalistic sentiment that is truly dark. 

It is one thing to protest illegals and demand that immigrants confirm to ones culture. I understand this, and I will be the first one to say that all cultures and societies are not created equal. Some cultures are better than others, politically incorrect to be sure, but true none the less.  But attacks against foreign looking individuals hint to something darker in the horizon.  And the worst part is that the EU has no one to blame but themselves.

For a better part decade, perhaps two, and for far longer within each nations respective national governments, patriotic pride and a sense of culture has been actively disparaged, or even quashed by the ruling elite.  Many EU ministers have disparaged the growing nationalistic sentiment displayed by their constituents as quaint, backward, and too old world.  However, just because nationalism is no longer popular amongst the elected and academic elite in Europe, and to a lesser extent in America, doesn't mean that it doesn't matter else where in the world, or even in their own backyards. And by actively suppressing the natural feelings and sentiments of their peoples we now see the fruits of their misbegotten labors.

American leaders and academia take note. By trying to surpress American culture you will assuredly cause this violence in our own land.  This violence is terrible not only because it hurts those that deserve no harm, regardless of a persons nation of origin or how they got into this country, but also because it is indiscriminate. This sort of violence could easily be targeted towards an immigrant who has played by the rules and followed our unspoken social contract, by accepting American values we will accept you, in this country.

It is high time our leaders realize that by ignoring, or slighting, Americans who are concerned about illegal immigration only increases the certainty of such attacks occurring. Americans around the nation can sense that their nation, their culture, and their way of life are falling a part. We see multilingual signs on ballots, in commercials, and civil rights protests where the flags being flown or of another nation.  How could this not raise public ire and anger? At some point violence will break out, and innocents will get hurt.  Will our leaders realize the folly of their universalist creed, that all cultures are equal, before it is too late? I hope so, but I do not remain confident.

*I feel it is pertinent to add an addendum to this post. I do not give two craps about the racial make up of America. As long as a person conforms to American culture and our values I do not care a whit about where they came from. America should be for Americans, but anyone can become an American.

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